Playing on // Emotions

I have mentioned a few time how a little pocket of the Winter gardens have taken be back to a little town situated in the south-west of Germany, called Trier. That moment in the Gardens imediatly took me back there and in that moment I saw what the gardens could be and the joy I could breathe back into this site.

Trier at Christmas 

Trier at Christmas 


Playing around// Feelings

The next three images are ones I have created from a series of images I took at the winter gardens on our fist site visit. I have played around with cropping colour and transparancy to create a few images that depicts my overall view of the gardens. 

IMG_0088 copy.jpg

Transparency//Project pitch

We arrived to studio this morning and were presented with the task of coming up with a pitch in 15 minutes to present to the rest of the studio to convince the other groups to invest in our project. 
We wrote out a pitch and all spoke about what connected with us most.

The Pitch 

Standing amongst the chaos, overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. On first look this community of species internally consumes the architectural integrity. But as you start to mover around the space and start to really experience it you realise they coexist in such a beautifully chaotic but harmonious way.

Our installation represents the sightings and experiences (both visual and emotional) had within the tropical glasshouse, yet without the humid climate. It allows viewers to be amongst the organic nature and coloured tones of plant life in a metaphorical and abstract way.

To transpose what we’ve collected as a group. We took the colour pallets retractions of the water and the way the light passes through the glasshouses textures and colours in our environment and how that could change the way we not only see the gardens but also internalise them. The elevations and suspension of the jars are based at singular points much like plant to soil giving space for our projection to pass through.

The installation was intended to be visualised and created in an Urban environment. It represents a metaphor of the winter gardens represented in a way that directly referenced attributes of nature but not Visually distinguished by usual characteristics. Eg colours of the gardens, water, reflection, the projection, Hanging plants, hanging bottles etc

Adding colour 


We discussed our project up to this point and decided that it needed something more, The bottles were cool but we felt we could take it further. So we got red, blue, yellow and black food colouring and played around with them to create colours that make you feel like you were in the gardens. 

Transparency//Take #2

After reflecting on our first attempt we realized we needed a plan. We wanted to Create something less airy-fairy and have a better-structured plan So we brainstormed more creative ways to look into transparency without using draped fabric. We came up with using little glass bottle on mass hanging them and seeing what that would look like. 
To do this we had to create and board to hang everything from so Kalsey and I went to the work shop to cut, mesure out and drill. 

Transparency//Take #1

We started off using a plastic mesh as out main material we suspended it from the ceiling with white string and it inhibited the space in a mysterious fluid manner.


Above is a series of images taken of our first installation. I do like the mysterious feel. The one thing I don't like is the materiality, I feel it looks tacky and cheep and isn't sustainable or durable.


Book Club

For this semester we had to form a study group. Here is a introduction to our study group "Book Club"

      Abby Hale                       Kalsey Goodall                  Liddy Gwynne                   Lily Fityus

Book Club//Cafe hop #1

IMG_0718 2.JPG

This week we visited Snickel Lane, a new lane way that runs between Fort lane and commerce street. On first glance we were impressed by the lane and the general vibe. It had lovely high ceilings and built in sky lights that met beautiful big windows. It had a industrial loft meets European feel witch we all liked but the more we dissected it the more we found we didn't like.