Winter Gardens Redesign.

The following posts are a series of thoughts ideas and designs that have all contributed to how I propose to re-design the Auckland Domain Winter gardens.


Site Visit #1 // Auckland Domain Winter Gardens

Site Visit one took place on 28.02.2018. We went as a cohort to wonder and document our immediate thoughts. The Post that follows is a collection of mine.


Introduction to book club // Cafe visit #1

This semester we were asked to create a study group to feed off and run ideas by, and work in the fashion of a creative agency. Here is the introduction to our group and our first of many cafe crawls.


Transparency // Take #1

For our first task of the semester we were asked to create in our study groups a installation that we felt portrayed and embodied  Transparency  


Transparency // Take #2

We reviewed the first installation we had created and realised we needed more planning and better direction and have a plan to relate it and use it to interpret the emotions visions and feelings we felt at the gardens.


Transparency // Project Pitch

We were given 15 minuets to prep a presentation to sell our project the the rest of the group 


Playing around //Feelings 

A few pieces of work that I have created using images I took at the winter gardens to help show what I was feeling. 

My Brief 


Book Club // Brief feed back 


Playing on // Emotions

A brief inside into the feeling and emotions I wish to bring to the Auckland Domain Winter Gardens.