Final images

I Love movement, so for my final images I wanted to create movement in a static image. I used Rhino to create shapes for my cloth to fall onto in blender. I wanted to have the texture look like velvet, have that heavy look about it.  My final images are interpretations of velvet being shot out of a cannon.

1 0f 5.jpg
final blender 2.jpg
final blender 4-Recovered.jpg
final blender 4-Recovered.jpg
final blender 5-Recovered.jpg

week 3

This week we were introduced to Grasshopper, Grasshopper is a plug n for Rhino. I enjoyed this week as I am already familiar with Rhino so expanding the capability's of Rhino is exciting. 

Unfortantly I lost these files so I have attached images and a video that shows my workings.


week 2

This week we were learning more about Revit. We learnt about familys, this is where you make a part of the design ( in this the beams) and you group them together making them one item this is called a family. We then used this to start modelling the  Auckland Domain winter-gardens. I am still trying to get my head around Revit but I am excited to dive into it more.

week 2.jpg

Week 5

This week our challenge was Blender its a new program that I have never used before but I did enjoy it and am excited to explore it further.


The first setting I tried was the mountains, I wanted to try something that played with transparency and layering in a abstract way.


I then moved into a church background I really enjoyed putting objects into pre made spaces. This time I tried out reflection and tried heaver transparencies.

Week 7

This week we were working in blender again but we brought a model over from revit. This time with my pink screens I added depth to them making them look 3D. 

week 7 pt 2.jpg
week 7 pt 4.jpg
week 7 pt1.jpg
week 7 pt 3.jpg
week 7 pt1.jpg